This exhibition is an experiment in collaborative practice, looking into how artists can work as part of a team.

26 artists have been invited to choose a collaborator to work with in order to produce a piece of work for this exhibition.
The process of collaboration can be difficult for most artists, however each artist has undergone a series of dialogues in the hope of not making ego an issue, in order to reach a common goal. Creating art in this way can be a powerful experience, a way of breaking habits and exploring new ground.

The exhibition was shown at The Flying Dutchman, a historic London pub whose mission is to promote difference, diversity and the arts. –

Exhibiting Artists

  • Dennis Monaghan & Steve Marchant
  • Emerald Mosley & Maddy Costa
  • Finnula Campbell & Lewie Quinn
  • Hetti Mcarthur & Rowyda Amin
  • Jack Fawdry Tatham & Jesper Kirkemiews & Dominic McHenry
  • Jane Mcadam Freud & Jean Becque
  • Kevin Tillett & Jane Oldfield
  • Laura Such & George Oakley-Strang & Joseph Barrett
  • Nelmarie du Preez & Audrey Salmon.


Curated by Finnula Campbell and Araba Ocran

collab1 collab2 collab3 collab4 collab5 collab6