Work by Stacey Guthrie from her solo exhibition at H.W.A (Housewives with attitude) at the Porthmeor Studios, St Ives, Cornwall

Artist interview: Stacey Guthrie

Anna Jane catches up with Stacey Guthrie, who exhibited her painting Kiss My Ring at the Bad Behaviour Open last year. She talks to her about what she’s up to now, her inspiration and her opinion on arts education. A: We had you at the Bad Behaviour Open in 2016, and it looks like you’ve […]

Artist interview: Jane Oldfield

‘I have been working on the theme of flying for over 10 years’   What is your art practice? I am a painter, but I have been working on the theme of flying for over 10 years now and this has made me extend my practice, using photography, cutouts into mobiles, and performance. Also I […]

Costumes Of War - Prizes For Dying - The Victoria Sock. Cold Cast Bronze ©lindahubbard

Artist interview: Linda Hubbard

‘I don’t wish to be anyone but myself’   What is your art practice? Propaganda   Who influenced you work? The Truth, people,  who they are, how they have lived their lives, their contribution to  the world. Currently: Harold Pinter playwright, poet, activist and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, gave up playwriting to concentrate on political […]

Setting up Bad Behaviour Open 2016

It doesn’t matter how well you prepare for anything, there’s always going to be nerves. Is anyone going to come? Will they like it? In many ways those nerves are what drive you to do something special, something extraordinary that makes an impact, inspiring people. Most specifically with Bad Behaviour there is the desire to […]

Artist interview: Scorpio

‘A lot of my art and my thinking is about transformation’.   What is your art practice? My art is derived from textiles, costumes and embroidery, mixed with shamanic practice of making totems and talismans. It’s very spiritual, mixed in with textile art but not exclusively. Quite a lot of my work is about portraits of […]

Artist interview: Jane McAdam Freud

‘I think I am still in love with John Baldessari for the time being’ What is your art practice? My current practice contains experimentation on the lines of making psychological concepts manifest. It is based around the nominal (as opposed to the phenomenal). By nominal I refer to the psychologic definition rather than the philosophical […]

Artist interview: Kirsty Harris

‘Reactions are good. React people!’   What is your art practice? I currently make silverpoint drawings on oak blocks, cyanotypes, paintings on glass/linen, audio works and short films based around the imagery and data collected on nuclear explosions. I’m interested in the sinister pageant of man’s attempt at dominance, when the honour of victory is […]

Bad Behaviour Open 2016 – supported by Elemental Design

Bad Behaviour is a not for profit, evolving organisation set up in South London to showcase the work of artists from a wide range of ages and backgrounds. We are all-inclusive and present artists that may not have had the opportunity to be educated within the contemporary art school system, together with those who have. […]

Artist interview: Jack Fawdry Tatham

‘Making art is all about failing’   What is your art practice? I studied Sculpture at Camberwell. I also use watercolours, etching, Lino and have put real focus in to learning to draw. I am very fortunate to work in a studio in the basement of Pollock’s Toy Museum in Central London. I etch copper […]