About Bad Behaviour

Bad Behaviour is a not for profit, evolving organisation set up in South London to showcase the work of artists from a wide range of ages and backgrounds. We are all-inclusive and present artists that may not have had the opportunity to be educated within the contemporary art school system, together with those who have.

We feel that our non-elitist attitude to exhibiting work will enhance the gallery experience, making Bad Behaviour an innovative and refreshing voice in the London art scene.

Through our ‘open door’ policy we also engage with local communities and encourage participation with an audience who may otherwise feel excluded from, or outside of, the art world.

Although based in South London, Bad Behaviour is always looking for exciting and unusual venues in which to produce shows. Our curatorial philosophy is not constrained by the white cube gallery format; we aim to move onwards and upwards from it.


Araba Ocran, Stephen Court, Finnula Campbell, Jane Oldfield, Kevin Tillett, Matthew Alakija, Emerald Mosley, Pixie Maddison, John Somaru.


Naomi Smith, Bunny Martin, Kim Harrison, Lara Lodato, Zelda Rhiando .

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