Food Glorious Food

Food glorious food is an exhibition to celebrate the good qualities of food, exploring its cultural significance, social values and beliefs rather than just it’s dietary requirements or medical and nutritional value.

With the rising popularity of television cooking shows, books and celebrity chefs, it has become apparent that food is not just for dinner anymore. It has become political and popular in our collective conversations, seemingly bringing people together at the most basic level as a way to connect.

Exhibiting Artists

  • Tom Banks
  • Tony Beaver
  • Serge Constantinesco
  • Lucie Evans
  • Mars Gomes
  • Caro Halford
  • Araba Ocran
  • Jane Oldfield
  • Chantelle Purcell
  • Deborah Ridley
  • Scorpio
  • Silka Uddenberg
  • Ventiko.


Curated by Araba Ocran

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