‘chArt’ is an exhibition that aims to explore the relationship that music has with visual arts.

Music has the ability to move, perplex or even annoy, and can often be used to enhance artworks. Although art and music have differing personalities, the relationship between the two is a fascinating concept to explore.

All the artists were asked to submit work in response to a piece of music of their choosing, from any genre of popular music that inspired them to make work.

The music was to be the starting point for the artists and was used as a platform to conceptualize images to help them to visualise and execute a piece of work in a style and medium of their artistic practice.

The exhibition will be shown at Brixton East, which once was a Victorian furniture factory in Brixton. This is an unusual and informal space owned by Andy Luckett, designed to encompass a cultural and educational mix of events and provide an exciting and animated space beyond the conventional white cube.

Exhibiting Artists

  • Nicholas Allan-Pui
  • Juliette Argent
  • Tom Banks
  • Amelie Barnahan
  • Roy Bell
  • Dunstan Bruce
  • Julian Carstairs
  • Paul Churcher
  • Serge Constantinesco
  • Jim Cross
  • Bettina Fung Wan Shan
  • Donald Harding
  • Kosha Hussain
  • Jesper Kirketerp
  • Araba Ocran
  • Jane Oldfield
  • Charley Peters
  • Deborah Ridley
  • Scorpio
  • Jack Tatham
  • Anne Tilby
  • Erika Winstone.


Cullinan Richards. Collaborative artists and MA tutors at Kingston University.
Rachael House and Jo David. Directors of Space Station Sixty Five Gallery.
Paul Luckraft. Curator, Modern Art Oxford.


Curated by Araba Ocran

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