Bad Behaviour Open 2016 – supported by Elemental Design

Bad Behaviour is a not for profit, evolving organisation set up in South London to showcase the work of artists from a wide range of ages and backgrounds. We are all-inclusive and present artists that may not have had the opportunity to be educated within the contemporary art school system, together with those who have.

We feel that our non-elitist attitude to exhibiting work enhances the gallery experience, which makes Bad Behaviour an innovative and refreshing voice in the London art scene.

Bad Behaviour are delighted to announce that this exhibition is supported by Elemental Design.


For 25 years elemental has been at the forefront of brand communication by delivering original work of exceptional quality and beauty.

Through stunning window displays and other forms of visual merchandising design, the company has provided a proven solution for physical retailers since its launch in 1991.

Gary Porter, who founded Elemental, is committed to the local community and the company has its office, design studio and workshop at the same Brixton site. By doing this Elemental keeps close control of the creative process while fostering a ‘family’ atmosphere between the office and creative staff as while as giving customers easy site access to check on their projects progress.

In many way Elemental are a good fit as sponsors for Bad Behaviour with both firms committed to an approach which embraces the strength of local community relationships, while constantly embracing new approaches to the way in which people relate to both art and design.

We at Bad Behaviour appreciate the belief Elemental has put in us. One of the very few stipulations Elemental has made as part of their sponsorship is the writing of this blog, something we are more than happy to do.

Exhibiting artists:

Alison Berry, Gary Lowe, Martin Grover ,David Jane, Lesley O’Mara, Joanna Boxall,Olivia Urquhart, Lewi Quinn, Ikra Arshad, Gemma Nelson, Tom Mason, Araba Ocran, Vic Bateman, Zelda Rhiando, Atilla Schwanz, Tessa Kellett, Sabina Pieper, Ryan Orme, Nikk Allford, Nicholas Vaughan,  Matthew Hayward, Matt Bannister, Linda Skoglund, Linda Hubbard, Justin DL, Kevin Broughton and Fiona Birnie, Lucia Gomez, Alice Irwin, Benjamin Nyari, Frances Sousa, Harland Viney, Jack N. F. Tatham, James Paddock, Jan Turner, Jorge Mansilla, Joshua Hill-Walsh, Juliet Wood, Paul Malone, Robyn LeRoy-Evans, Shona Davies, Dave Monaghan and Jon Klein (DMK), Stacey Guthrie, Purple Moustacho, Diogo Duarte.

The exhibition opens Thursday October 13th 6pm- 11pm at the amazing venue Brixton East